Our Philosophy

GCA believes that the game of golf should be equally enjoyed by all players, regardless of their golfing abilities.  To this end, a GCA-designed  championship golf course will challenge and reward every player's skill without frustrating the average player.  The greater a player's ability and imagination, the greater the number of shot options that will be made available to him or her and the greater the potential for a rewarding round of golf. 

GCA is highly experienced in the development of golf courses integrated into residential housing developments.  Working within the developer's requirements, GCA works to maximize lot development without sacrificing the playability or originality of the golf course.  Furthermore, GCA golf courses will increase the value of golf course lots to a greater extent than any other recreational amenity. 

The Design Approach

Beginning with an in-depth preliminary analysis of the site, our design team analyses the existing landscape to determine which features form the essence of the land.  These features are then integrated into the golf course while honouring the client's overall objectives for the project.  Design elements such as multiple tees, design balance, strategic pin placements and shot challenge are all incorporated into the overall design scheme creating a golf course that can fairly challenge each and every calibre of player. 

During the construction phase, GCA representatives take on an active role in the implementation of the Construction Planning. The high standard of our Construction Planning and Specifications Package is further enhanced on site by the imagination and dedication of GCA's golf course construction co-ordinators - the people who, in association with the golf course architect, work to ensure that the golf course is built according to the plans and specifications.  By co-ordinating the combined efforts of the client, GCA staff and the Golf Course Construction Contractor, the finished golf course will often exceed initial expectations. 


GCA is dedicated to designing and building golf courses that are a testament to golf course architecture; however at the same time, we realise that they have to be built within a realistic budget.  Using the following methods, GCA is able to provide its clients with high quality, cost effective facilities that meet all of the client's expectations and that are built on budget and on schedule: 

By maximising the potential of the proposed golf course site and by providing an all-inclusive project budget, GCA ensures that its clients spend only what is required to achieve the desired product. 

A comprehensive set of Construction Plans accompanied by a detailed Construction Specifications Package allows potential Golf Course Construction Contractors to bid on all proposed works with great accuracy.  This minimizes the need for "extras" during the construction process and aids in completing the project on schedule. 

During the construction contract negotiation process, GCA can supply a list of experienced golf course construction contractors for the client's consideration.  Furthermore, GCA will, if requested, advise the client and/or participate in contract negotiations with the potential Golf Course Construction Contractor thus allowing the client to fully benefit from our expertise in this field. 

During both the design and the construction process, GCA takes into consideration the future maintenance needs of the course and minimises the incorporation of high-maintenance areas into the design.  This practice can dramatically reduce annual maintenance costs for a golf course. 

Agronomic Consulting

As an extension of our construction and post-construction services, GCA also offers a variety of agronomic consulting services.  The agronomic consulting program is designed to assist new or existing golf courses with their annual maintenance practices.  GCA draws from highly experienced personnel who have themselves, maintained and prepared golf courses for numerous PGA and LPGA events.  Our highly individualised programs are designed to reduce unnecessary waste and to resolve poor turf conditions that can result in loss of revenue and course prestige.  The game of golf is a relaxing pastime, but maintaining a golf course is a business.  At GCA, we are committed to making both of these aspects of golf as rewarding as possible. 

Environmental Sensitivity

GCA believes that a golf course should be in harmony with the environment.  In designing environmentally sound golf courses, GCA emphasises and highlights all natural features, by making them an intricate part of the aesthetic experience.  Our staff of agronomists and environmental consultants are always looking for new ways to preserve, enhance and incorporate natural features into our design schemes.  GCA enjoys the challenge of a difficult site.  We have designed golf courses that have been constructed on landfill sites, next to ski hills and in harmony with wetlands, flood plains, sensitive agricultural zones as well as within Provincial and National parks.  GCA has designed quality golf courses for municipal, provincial, and federal agencies and is dedicated to leaving every site as ecologically sound as we found it.


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